Fortress Investment Group LLC

What is Fortress's distribution policy?

Fortress intends to make quarterly dividends to Class A shareholders based upon its annual distributable earnings. Any dividend declared by the Company will be subject to the need to: maintain prudent working capital reserves to provide for the conduct of its business, make investments in its businesses and funds, and comply with applicable law and its debt agreement covenants and other obligations.

Since annual distributable earnings are not finalized until the end of a given year, Fortress intends to base the first three quarterly dividends for any given year upon management fee revenues net of related expenses, subject to the factors discussed above. Fortress intends to base the final quarterly dividend for each year upon this amount plus an adjustment based on full-year incentive income. As a result, the final quarterly dividend for any given year is generally expected to exceed the dividend amount for each of the first three quarters of such year.

Actual dividends paid to Class A shareholders will depend upon the board’s assessment of a number of factors, including general economic and business conditions, strategic plans and prospects, business and investment opportunities, the Company’s financial condition, liquidity and operating results, working capital requirements and anticipated cash needs, contractual restrictions and obligations including fulfilling its current and future capital commitments, legal, tax and regulatory restrictions and other factors that the board of directors may deem relevant.

Dividend declarations are announced concurrently with earnings releases. The payment of any dividends is made in the sole discretion of the board of directors, which may decide to change our dividend policy at any time.