Fortress Investment Group LLC

Investment Approach

Investment Approach

The Fortress Asia Macro Funds employ a disciplined and dynamic investment process to identify and execute trading opportunities.

  • Research-Based Views: Conduct fundamental research on economies and companies to generate an in-depth understanding of current economic activity, as well as a strong view on its future

  • Technical and Relative Value Analysis: Use both technical and relative-value-focused market analyses to establish valuation rankings across asset classes, time zones and geographies

  • Trade Construction: Generate trade ideas based on fundamental research-driven views filtered through relative value market analysis

  • Portfolio Optimization: A comprehensive risk management framework is used to optimize sizing and apply hedging across the entire portfolio
    • The Fortress Asia Macro Funds exploit opportunities thematically linked to the Asia-Pacific region in a variety of instruments and asset classes, including:

      • Foreign Exchange
      • Equities
      • Rates
      • Liquid Credit
      • Commodities